My 1st Selangor football match

12 Jul

What an interesting weekend.

I was sitting at home doing nothing when Farid sent me an SMS.

Woi, ko nak tengok match tak malam ni? Selangor vs Kelantan. Member aku nak beli tiket.

Gila doe. Liga Super ni. x main la tengok World Cup sokong negara ntah ape2. Not surprisingly, i said yes to that. Afterall the ticket cost me MYR10 only and this is a top of the table clash, akin to Man Utd vs Chelsea!

RM10 je doe!

The atmosphere was superb! It was so much different from the one in Stadium Larkin. Yea the Johore football team sux big time, i know. But this was different. Selangor & Kelantan both boasted a host of national players in their team sheets. Cue Indra Putra Mahayudin, Akmal Rizal, Amri Yahyah, Daudsu Jamaludin & Amirulhadi Zainal.

We made a wise choice in sitting at the Selangor section of the Stadium.


the Red & Yellow Giant

The stadium erupted when Amirulhadi scored the opener. *video will be uploaded soon*

All in all, it’s worth every single sen of the RM10 I paid for the ticket. I’m thinking of buying a Selangor replica jersey soon. Owh yeah! 😀

Potong! Potong!

23 May

Recently i did a broadband connection speed test at, an analysis tool that allows anyone to test their Internet connection for free. And guess what, in terms of download speed, Malaysia is ranked at a lowly 85th place. To put things into perspective, that was lower than, hold your breath, Liechtenstein, Mongolia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Guernsey (is that even a country?), Aruba and Uganda. Frickin Uganda FFS!!

It’s about time for someone to break Streamyx’s monopoly. A fair competition will do much good to consumers. Our best bet right now is to wait for Unifii High-Speed Broadband (HSBB) to hit our area. Which in JB’s case, would take at least a year. P1’s WiMAX is not consistent. Celcom’s 3G broadband is even worse, especially during peak period.

We need uninterrupted HSBB!!

The perils of a final year student

3 Apr

Life is not easy.

ETR/ENT 300 is something that needs commitment. Cincai-cincai memang x boleh, ok? It needs constant improvements and adjustments. Believe me, its effing frustrating when your cash flow shows cash deficits for 12 months. You have to readjust your sales forecast and expenses to make it more, well, believable.

Working with 3 different people with different sets of thinking is really a challenge for me. As the CEO of the ‘company’, i’ve to take control of the situation without being too assertive. Being the only guy in the group makes it even harder. Sometimes our discussion session didn’t go too well. When you’ve been in the same class with these people for almost 3 years, you thought that you’ve known them really well. You’ll be surprised that at times, it seems like you didn’t know them at all.

Anyway i found this quote from Marcel Proust rather interesting 🙂

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Class Dinner

3 Apr

Location: D’Terrace (Chismosa, anyone?)
Time: 9.00pm – 11.00pm
Date: 2/4/2010

more pics coming soon 🙂

What happened at Enron?

19 Feb

Endless possibilities my foot.

Everyone knows at least a little about the Enron story and the devastation it created in the lives of is employees. It’s a story that belongs in any discussion of ethical accounting processes and what happens when accounting standards and ethics are discarded for personal greed.

Enron began in 1985 selling natural gas to gas companies and businesses. In 1996, energy markets were changed so that the price of energy could now be decided by competition among energy companies instead of being fixed by government regulations. With this change, Enron began to function more as a middleman than a traditional energy supplier, trading in energy contracts instead of buying and selling natural gas. Enron’s rapid growth created excitement among investors and drove the stock price up. As Enron grew, it expanded into other industries such as Internet services, and its financial contracts became more complicated.

In order to keep growing at this rate, Enron began to borrow money to invest in new projects. However, because this debt would make their earnings look less impressive, Enron began to create partnerships that would allow it to keep debt off of its books. One partnership created by Enron, Chewco Investments (named after the Star Wars character Chewbacca) allowed Enron to keep $600 million in debt off of the books it showed to the government and to people who own Enron stock. When this debt did not show up in Enron’s reports, it made Enron seem much more successful than it actually was. In December 2000, Enron claimed to have tripled its profits in two years.

In August 2001, Enron vice president Sherron Watkins sent an anonymous letter to the CEO of Enron, Kenneth Lay, describing accounting methods that she felt could lead Enron to “implode in a wave of accounting scandals.” Also in August, CEO Kenneth Lay sent e-mails to his employees saying that he expected Enron stock prices to go up. Meanwhile, he sold off his own stock in Enron.

On October 22nd, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that Enron was under investigation. On November 8th, Enron said that it has overstated earnings for the past four years by $586 million and that it owed over $6 billion in debt by next year.

With these announcements, Enron’s stock price took a dive. This drop triggered certain agreements with investors that made it necessary for Enron to repay their money immediately. When Enron could not come up with the cash to repay its creditors, it declared for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This is the reason why Americans should stick to American football.

11 Feb

United Has Mortgaged Its Stadium As Collateral

Manchester United have had to mortgage their stadium as collateral for a bond issuance.
This is just the latest in a series of financial setbacks for the successful English Premier League football club, who are debt laden after their takeover by American sports business tycoon Malcolm Glazer.

The stadium, Old Trafford, is a landmark in the club’s culture, but now its mortgage is owned by J.P. Morgan Europe Ltd according to Bloomberg.

Manchester United have refused to comment on the mortgage.

This comes less than six years after the club’s David Gill denounced the takeover bid as a threat to Man United’s financial security.

Love United, Hate Glazers


9 Dec

I’m pissed scared right now.

The result for last sem’s final exams will be announced tomorrow (10/12/09).

I have a really bad feeling about this. I know i did well for management accounting but the same cannot be said about financial accounting.

Keepin my fingers crossed & hope for the best.